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Shift Focus & Resources To Performance Improvement

PerformanceSoft offers solutions that support a wide range of performance improvement frameworks such as strategy execution, performance management, project and portfolio management, individual performance management including goals alignment and cascades in as an integrated strategy execution system.

We seek to enabling enterprises to deliver superior performance through our suite of customizable products and solutions.

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Performance Management

Strategy is executed by employees, not the senior leadership team. But employees cannot help implement a strategy that they are unaware of, do not understand, or have little motivation to execute.

PerformanceSoft was developed to make it easy for organisations to cascade corporate objectives down to employee level and enable continuous feedback and communication which improves engagement and accountability across organisations leading to break through performance

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Initiatives Management

In order to execute on their strategy and achieve desired outcomes, organisations must successfully plan their strategic initiatives, understand their impact and execute them well.

Since strategic initiatives are generally broad-reaching and disruptive in nature, achieving success is very challenging. To add to the challenge, there is frequently a large pool of possible initiatives, and only a few can be funded and pursued at any given time.

Performancesoft’s Initiatives management integrates execution disciplines, processes and accountability so that the desired transformation is internalized and expected so that business benefits are realized.

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Strategy Execution

Over the years we’ve learned that a great strategy poorly executed is worthless.

Achieving and sustaining high performance year after year is no accident. It’s the result of great strategy execution system supported by a robust strategy execution software like PerformanceSoft.

Having a strategy is necessary, but insufficient. Managing that strategy well makes all the difference. PerformanceSoft is here to help.

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Operational Excellence

High-level strategic objectives must be driven down into operational processes while keeping critical resource management functions such as budgets in sight.

PerformanceSoft makes it easy for management to link operational process improvements, tasks and activities to strategic objectives, including performance improvement initiatives and operational dashboards that drive continuous improvement.

PerformanceSoft monitors operations performance results vis a vis corporate performance to ensure effective utilisation of resources and achievement of strategic goals.

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