Why Us - PerformanceSoft

Why Choose PerformanceSoft?

PerformanceSoft is market-leading strategy execution and performance management software that enables companies achieve optimum results by enabling effective alignment of teams and initiatives to the organisation’s strategy and objectives

Our purpose is to use innovative technology to help our customers address their most challenging and complex issues

Intuitive & easy to use

Unlike other solutions, there’s no complicated learning curve. Performancesoft is so easy to use, ICT knowledge is not even required.

It pays for itself

Depending on the size of your organisation, investing in our application could save you more than £5m annually by replacing spreadsheet with Performancesoft.

Based on proven research

PerformanceSoft automates best practice performance improvement tools such as BSC, Hoshni, RBM and Performance Contracting.

Improve Performance

PerformanceSoft aligns and monitors the activities of teams enabling them to deliver superior enterprise performance, faster.

Want to boost your performance
and hit your business goals?

“PerformanceSoft is a powerful, easy-to-use solution for cultivating a high-performance workforce that is completely aligned with enterprise goals and priorities.”

Improve organisational performance by up to 100% improvement in shareholder value.


Our software increases operational effectiveness – save 40 hours preparing and reviewing reports.


Increase employee productivity by up to 40%


We help reduce operational cost by up to 35% cost savings.

Better for your business

PerformanceSoft gives you the tools you need to achieve your business goals faster, linking strategy to operational aims in order to improve performance at a company-wide level. Being able to track and monitor your strategic objectives and initiatives in real-time allows even large, globally-distributed organisations to take an efficient, agile approach.

Better for your employees

PerformanceSoft provides a framework to get more done faster! Our software enables employees to grab back control of their time and be massively more productive. PerformanceSoft creates sharp employee and makes it easy to create employee goals alignment, leading to greater business outcomes.

What does PerformanceSoft do?

Translates strategy into action

PerformanceSoft makes it easier for companies to create actionable initiatives that support their objectives. We’ve achieved this by integrating the balanced scorecard methodology into a transparent, results-focused platform that drives performance and strategy execution and performance improvement.

Increases performance and productivity

Employees can use PerformanceSoft to gain a better understanding of their responsibilities, with tasks clearly visible in the context of their wider organisational impact. Users report higher levels of engagement and motivation, and benefit from real-time feedback from coworkers and management.

Offers a complete organisational picture

PerformanceSoft is your one-stop-shop for all aspects of operational and individual performance management. Directors, managers, and HR leaders can get an overview of the status of projects and employees in real-time, so they can immediately respond to issues as and when they arise

Improve organisational performance potential

Instead of conducting ineffective annual reviews, PerformanceSoft makes it easy to keep on top of employee performance on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Through improved feedback mechanisms, individuals gain a better understanding of their strengths and areas for development, leading to a more productive and engaged workforce..